Saturday, September 19, 2020

Introducing the Amazing Paper Grace Picot Petite Collection

Amazing Paper Grace has gone back to her roots with classic sewing inspired motifs! Introducing the Picot Petite Collection!

Becca Feeken sent over these lovely dies for me to try.

Over time we've had lace-inspired designs and have loved the feel of Hemstitching and Candlewicking. Reminiscent of needlework and treasured handwork proudly displayed, Becca Feeken has developed another classic line of layering shapes that feel so much like tatting or picot crochet.  As you might imagine, these shapes are crisp, clean, and timeless. Whether you are simply adding a classic layer to a card or cutting an aperture to highlight a lovely sentiment - these shapes mix and match with other sewing inspired motifs as well as intricate backdrops.

Today you're in luck! Our Creative Team is sharing makes from the Picot Petite Collection.

Classic Shapes are Timeless

With each Classic Collection, Amazing Paper Grace creates the most popular die-cutting shapes in oval, round, square, and rectangles. Moreover, these classic shapes mix and match with Hemstitch Classics, Candlewick Classics, Elegant Twist Classics, and now Picot Petit.

The Inspiration behind Picot Petite

If you've ever seen tatting, the little loop produced along the edge is called a "picot".  It's this little loop that is the basis for the border on all of the Petite Picot shapes.  They are lovely as a backdrop for any other layerings as the little picot peeks out.  It's just a subtle way to bring in the ways of classic needlework to give texture and dimension to the backdrop of our cards.

Each of our Creative Team members will show you their take on cards made with a classic picot flair.

My Projects For Today

First up is  S5-432 Amazing Paper Grace Picot Petite Squares Amazing Paper Grace S-5 432 Picot Petite Squares

Here is what the dies look like:  

I create a set of box and tags using the dies to cover the front and back of the box, I also use the die as focal point for my tags.

These dies have so many possibilities I also create a mini house box and cover all of it with the die, love how it looks on the roof.

Here is the Spellbinders video showing amazing new samples as well as a walkthrough of the entire collection.

Picot Petite Availability:

These dies and plates are available from Spellbinders right now! Click here: Amazing Paper Grace Picot Petite.

Picot Petite Inspiration Blog Hop!

Click on the links to each member, they're waiting to inspire you to create something beautiful:

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You could win an Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month! Enter to win on our new Instagram Account All  of the entry details are there, look for this image below:

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What will you create with these dies? I love your comments! don't forget to participate!


TaraDawnBrown said...

Hi Beatriz! Love these Christmas projects made with the square Picot dies! They are super cute - love them! said...

Oh my goodness, these are so clever, creative and I'm in love with them! You adorable house box is really the best!! Thank you for the inspiration! Am ready for Christmas with these!

Patricia Manhire said...

This is so gorgeous. I love how you have made the little house with the dies and your Christmas cards are beautiful!!

MaryH said...

You have a very creative mind and that house is so winsome. I would love to borrow you mind for a few minutes so I could create such makes. I love the pompom trim on the tags! Wrapping and tagging gifts for Christmas just got easier!

Liz's creative corner said...

I love dies that can be used for 3D projects and other as you have used them, it's something I like to do too, so thanks for the inspiration,
Hugs Liz

Becca Feeken said...

Beatriz, what you made makes me all kinds of happy. That little house has my heart! You just always know exactly how to embellish something so that it is nothing short of amazing :-)

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