Thursday, October 09, 2008

Idea Books for sale

SOLD OUT *Hi Girls I have more magazines and idea books available If you are nterested in something, just send me an email and I'll take it off the list... Remember: first come, first serve. All magazines are brand new. Prices do not include shipping, only PayPal please Thanks!! :)


Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty and I would like to buy 2 of the mags...Is PP the same as the blog or have you another? Pinky sent me from her fabulous place, lol! Gina
svenskfru at

Irene said...

Gracias por visitar mi blog, yo he visto el tuyo entero y me ha sorprendido gratamente.Feliz fin de semana.

Peggy #4129 said...

Nice blog.... I love these books I get them all the time. Pinky sent me to your site and Im glad she did. You do a great job on your crafts.

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