Wednesday, October 10, 2007


*Card made for the Paper Salon challenge.
*Tarjeta hecha para el reto de Paper Salon
Oh yes... and I have been tagged by DeeDee ;)
Four places I have lived:
Mexico DF
Mexico DF
Four places I have visited on Vacation:
La Vegas
Four Favorite Foods:
Mole Poblano
Birria (yes, all this are Mexican dishes)
Four places I would rather be right now:
Eating some Tacos "Don Ruben"
In bed 'cause I have a cold
Sitting on the warm sandy beach soaking up the sun
In Guadalajara with my Family
Now I'm supposed to tag four people... ok I am lazy today, I just let you answer if you want to play ;)


Gaby A. said...

Querida Bety: Tu tarjeta esta como de costumbre, muuuuy linda y sencilla. Espero que te mejores de esa gripa que tienes y que realmente puedas descansar. Un beso con mucho cariño.

Andrea said...

I love this card, it's just perfect

Kandis Smith said...

LOVE THIS! those papers together are sooo cute! Oh, and I want to see how you make your bows so perfect! i can never get mine to look like that!

Betty_Ruedas said...

Pues ya somos dos mi querida Bety, yo tamboén tengo gripa. Oye, al fin estoy diseñando mi blog, pero soy medio lenta y tontita y me esta costando un poco de trabajo ;) Espero pronto poder compartir mis trabajos contigo. Soy tu fan No. 1. No hay nadie en toda la red como tú. Tu tarjeta es hermosa como siempre. Cuídate esa gripa. Saludos.

Paula said...

More beautiful creations, I can't keep up!!

Ewonne said...

Thanks for wonderful inspiration!
//Ewonne ♥

Lizandra said...

Gorgeous card!

scrapnnMO said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

DeeDee said...

Oh this is such a pretty it! THANKS for playing TAG Bety!!!!!

~Nancy~ said...

I saw your work popping up in the CX gallery and just HAD to visit your blog.. Just wanted to say hi and I looove your work!

Ila said...

Wow!! The is amazing....Gorgeous!!

Fiona Carter said...

Such a beautiful card. Congratulations. Love all your work. Fiona x

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